Race Week!

Is it Spring yet? Nope! It snowed this past weekend (AGAIN!), and I’m thoroughly over Winter.
I’ve spent countless hours on the treadmill over the last two months, and it’s about time for an update now that I’m headed into race season. Race season? THAT’S going to be ugly! This winter has been rough for much of the country, and Ohio was no exception. I used to not-so-lovingly call that torture device in my basement a dreadmill. No more! I love that thing. Without it, I’d be in trouble! My job is also keeping me pretty busy and active. So much to be thankful for!

As you may (or may not) recall, I’m keeping a paper log this year. No fancy online records, though I have been using my watch or phone to record some of these. I’ve really cut down on how much I talk about running online as well, save an occasional post when I think it might motivate others and myself! It’s been long enough…so here it comes…stop reading now if you don’t care, or don’t want to know just how boring my life really is. 20140303-191258.jpg
By the numbers (for the nerds):
January 2014
Running: 130.44mi
Walking: 65.3mi
Total: 195.74mi

February 2014
Running: 134.66mi
Walking: 63mi
Total: 197.66mi

To some, that might not look like much. To others, it’s a lot! I wasn’t sure either way, so I looked up the numbers for January and February 2013. 137.96 and 108.97 respectively, running and walking combined. Sounds good!

This weekend I’m running my first “race” of 2014. A 50k at Mohican. It’s not a timed race, so I’m not nervous at all. Maybe I should be? Nah!

On April 12th, I will have the pleasure of volunteering at a great race…Forget the PR 25k & 50k. You can find the link on my Need a place to race? page. 20140303-191457.jpg
As a favor to his volunteers, the RD holds a Volunteers’ Race before the event, so we can all run the course, earn our shirts and get a buckle. It helps him out as well…to point out any potential issues the trail may have encountered over the harsh winter. Plus, we get lost so on race day you won’t have to! Isn’t that nice!

I plan to run that day with another friend I’ve really missed seeing this winter. I don’t think we’ve run together at all since October. Good thing we’ll have a lot of time to catch up.

I only have one concern: Big Ass Hill…x2! Where is the setting on the treadmill for this? 20140303-191504.jpg

Oh well…Sunday is fast approaching, and there’s nothing I can do about it now. Happy trails!


6119_583181125041187_1655311043_nIt’s coming…are you ready?

I’ll be honest. I’m useless today. What was I thinking?

My adrenaline has been sky high. My heart rate is through the roof. Every time I start something, I quickly forget what I was doing in the first place. Or why. My temper is short. My patience for trying on clothes is non-existant.

My packing list gets longer and longer. Today, it’s 50 degrees warmer in Orlando than it is in Columbus, OH. That poses all kinds of clothing dilemmas. It’s not like you can walk into a store in Ohio and buy shorts and a swimsuit in January. And we’re flying…which I rarely do…so I have to remember not to pack explosives weapons liquids.

Then there’s other issues: packing for the kids, dropping them off for a week, tying up loose ends here. And remembering to eat! I swear I need a valium now…I imagine I’ll be a wreck by Wednesday night!

This isn’t my first rodeo either. If I can pack for Ragnar Tennessee, this should be cake, right? There are stores in Orlando…it’s not the backwoods of TN in the middle of the night. But I don’t remember being this nervous for that event. (Not until the runner before me got out of the van the first time. Then I thought I was going to be sick.)

And even if it were Thursday, that doesn’t mean the race is upon us. That just gets me in the state.

Then there’s grocery shopping, the expo, buying gifts for the kids, acclimating to the warmer weather, and “relaxing” by the pool.

Right! And eating!

I’ll likely not sleep on Friday night despite every attempt. And 3am is going to come quickly on Saturday. But it’s still more that a week from now that we hit the streets of Walt Disney World for the half marathon…and the full.

Run, Rest, Repeat. That’s the game. A week from Monday, it will all be over. Except for the fun part. And I’m probably anticipating the after-race time just as much as the event…if not more. It’s going to be great! I just have to hang on until I get there. The whole thing is goofy.


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