About Me

I’m just a girl in the world.
I started running to get away from my problems…stress…weight…did I mention stress?
Now I’m running to get somewhere. As soon as figure out where that is, and how far I need to go to get there, I’ll stop.
I’ve started and stopped running more times than I can count. Five years ago it finally stuck. And I don’t plan on stopping. Ever.
I quickly discovered the 5K wasn’t going to work. I started checking off distances in a natural progression…10K…half marathon…marathon…but was never satiated.
That’s when I fell in love with the woods. And, from there, ultra marathons were an easy leap.

So here I am, ultrarunner.

And here you can read about the joys and sorrows of a life spent raising a family alone, balanced with finding my heart in the woods.