Surprise! Didn’t expect that!

I wanted to post to say I made it…all 24hrs…and I’m recovering. I’m waiting for final results from the race. I completed 92 laps for 82.9mi, but there’s a bit extra they have to add for the partial lap at the end. In the meantime, here’s a list of things I didn’t expect to see/happen during the North Coast 24hr Endurance Run:

  • Race Director Dan shoveling sand off the course
  • Participants running with umbrellas
  • A groundhog
  • The night to be so long…and bright
  • A participant doing a handstand on the course
  • Vegan pizza, burritos, hot dogs and burgers! Yeah!
  • So much deal-making with myself, and the offer of beers-for-miles via Facebook to be so tempting…and motivating
  • The smallest hill to look like a mountain after 40+ laps (the headwind didn’t help!)
  • A cheese sandwich cooked on a camp stove to taste SO GOOD at 3am!
  • Needing so little of what I brought, but better safe than sorry!
  • Fireworks!
  • Harvey Lewis run an amazing 150mi, and still take time to talk to most of the race participants
  • Wind surfing on Lake Erie
  • A man running in a flowery skirt, from start to finish
  • TWO wedding parties, both with bridesmaids in purple
  • The urge to run after 23hrs and 45min and sprint the finish
  • So many people stumbling along through the night, when others would have given up!
  • A shop that sold both worms and ice cream…gross!
  • And lastly…that I would make it to 50 miles so quickly (for me)!

Like I said…full recap is coming! Ill be adding to this list as I recall more!

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