I’m still here…

Sometimes life gets in the way.

Despite your best attempts at keeping everything moving forward, you fall. Lose touch. Forget.

The last month has been a dark place for me. And though my running has been progressing with much success, my writing has fallen by the wayside.

I don’t feel inspired to say anything.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m still here. Still alive. Still training. I started my taper for the 24hr race this week. That means a break for my body. That also means my mind is racing all hours of the night.

Is it enough? Am I ready? Does it matter at this point?
The support I thought I would have on race day…the faces I thought I’d see…won’t be there. I’m disappointed. Again. I do have some wonderful friends that have stepped in, but I’m still left with a sadness I can’t escape. I thought I was someone I’m not. I thought I had a place…that I mattered. I don’t. Not to some anyway. Not to those that who I chose to matter to me. I was wrong.

I’m working on a training wrap-up. I hope to have it posted before the weekend. Until then…

9 thoughts on “I’m still here…

    • I know you would Gene. You’ve been a good friend to me during these not-so-bright times. Adding silly string to list for my crew…in case I try to sit down…or need a laugh!

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