Eat More Often

Ready? I said the first challenge would be easy. You can do it.

Eat More Often

I making an assumption here about the people taking on this challenge. Remember, I said its mostly for me.
I’m assuming you are “fairly active.” What does that mean? You do SOMETHING every day. It can be as little as a 15 minute walk. But it’s something. You walk up the stairs in your house a few times a day. You walk from your car to the office…grocery store…park…something! I guarantee that even on a “rest” day, you probably walk about a mile. That’s what I mean.

Three “square” meals don’t cut it for most people. You’re going to cheat. Trust me. You will snack…and the worst offense will be right before bed. THAT is the one that’s going right to your you-know-what!

Why not try this:

Eat 3 “meals” and 2-3 PLANNED snacks.

Use a smaller plate for your meals (smaller plates hopefully means smaller portions), and try to eat every 3-4 hours. You should never feel “stuffed.” If you’re hungry 3 hours after dinner, eat again. Just because it’s nighttime doesn’t mean you have to eat ice cream! At this point I’m not going to suggest what those snacks should be. We’ll get to that.

I know there are conflicting studies out about whether eating more frequently helps you lose weight. And that’s fine. Weight loss isn’t the ultimate goal here.

Remember, this is not a diet.

I want to feel better, with more energy. That will make me want to be more active, and THAT, coupled with eating clean, will keep me at a healthy weight for me. If you want to temporarily drop pounds for some timed challenge, go for it. I’m not interested in weighing myself. Ever. I don’t even own a scale. Eating more regularly will keep your blood sugar at a more even keel, and that can’t be bad. It certainly should help with some of those cravings!

If you’re already doing this, no problem. You’re a step ahead. I just want us all on the same page. I want to hear about your snacks this week. Post pictures on twitter with me! And don’t forget to tag them with #EatRealFood. What are you eating?

Next Challenge is coming up on Tuesday!