I’m alive!

If you’ve been keeping track, and I hope you have, I’ve been absent quite a bit the last few weeks. And for good reason…

I contracted the “Slow Death.”

It’s really the only way to describe what I had. Put every cold symptom short of a fever in a ziploc bag, shake vigorously, then dump it over my head. Better yet…detonate it right in my living room.

What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger, right?
I call bull. What doesn’t kill us leaves us in a fragile physical (and emotional) state. You know you’re sick…in more ways than one…when you’re looking forward to burpees. I was.

I know…sick!

The good news is I’ve turned the corner. My hunger is back to ravenous, I can breathe, and my hope has returned (more on this in a future post).

I’m ready to run!

Here’s the problem:
The downside of being sick, outside of the actual symptoms, is that some things fall by the wayside, especially when you’re the only adult. Like checking the mail, grocery shopping, oh…and cleaning! My house is a disaster.

No that is NOT my actual house. Please do not nominate me for Hoarders!
But it feels like that.

Anyway…once I get my house in order, I’ll be right back to posting. Thanks for your patience!

When you get sick, what’s the first thing that gets left behind?
How do you know when you’re too sick to exercise?

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