It’s that time again

Time for another episode of Getting Real. I struggled with this one. Shoot…what am I not struggling with these days?


I don’t like admitting failure, but I guess if I were perfect, I wouldn’t need things like goals, accountability, or this blog for that matter. Did you see that? I admitted I wasn’t perfect. I thought about editing that part out at least 5,000 times already today. Nope. Going to leave it. This is about Getting Real, right? And perfect? I’m far from it.

So what happened? Well it’s the last day of February, and unless I ran a 50K today, there’s no way I’m going to hit my mileage goal for the month.

I was sick.
And tired.
And sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Truth is, it doesn’t really matter. I failed.

The good news is I was pretty close to another milestone…100mi…and I decided that would be just fine with me. After my 30min scheduled trainer ride, I knocked out a 5K on the treadmill. That brought me within 5 miles of my new goal. And I had a feeling the girls would be headed to “Turtle Thursday.” I know it sounds slow, but with these girls, it never is. They were planning 5 miles…perfect!

Now, sitting here after yet another excellent Northstar burger, a hot shower, kids tucked safely in bed, and a call from my favorite guy, I’m content with my 100 miles.
Not content.


And none of that fake-it-’till-you-make-it “I chose to be happy” garbage.

Really happy. Smiling. And tired.

Good night!

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