Getting Real

If you follow my personal account on Twitter…you really should can if you’d like (there should be “follow” button on the right sidebar), you may have seen some posts today that were a little different than my norm. Yeah…once in a while I’ll post something about parenting or get on a soap box about some pet peeve, but mostly I’m talking about health, fitness, and the like. I believe in those things, and plan on that remaining my focus. But today that didn’t happen.

You see, it all started with this cold. Actually…no. It all started with the Goofy Challenge. Or training for Goofy. Heck, it started long before that.

Truth is, I’m tired. Period.

The last 6 months have brought one challenge after another into my life. I’m beat down…or up…whatever. And not just physically. Mentally. Emotionally.
It’s hard for me to keep any kind of schedule. The days all run together.
Wake up. Make coffee. Drink coffee. Breakfast. Kindergarten lessons. Lunch. Nap. Run. Knit. Write. Distract myself online. Clean. Dinner. Baths. Bed.
Sure, there’s plenty of stuff in between. Things like “worry about money” and “look for a job.” Did I mention “worry about money?”
Depressing, right? Tell me about it. Actually…don’t tell me. I already know.
This winter has been especially hard. The weather has been ridiculous. I’m pretty sure it has snowed every day since Christmas…ok…most of them anyway….except for those random 50F days thrown in just to make the whole state sick. (Thanks again Mother Nature. Put down the drugs lady!)
The cold doesn’t work for me. My fingers and toes are frozen. And that’s while I’m inside my house! I’m clumsy enough on stable ground, so running on the ice is NOT an option, and my dreadmill has gotten quite the workout…on the good days!
We’re not even going to talk about the bad days. Not today anyway.

Alright. It’s not ALL bad. The last 6 months have also brought me the most wonderful people. If you’re reading this, I’m talking about you! I done a little traveling, and had some of the most memorable days of…dare I say…my life! And the best is yet to come. I know it.

So here’s the deal: on Thursdays, I’m going to “get real.” On Twitter. On Facebook. On this blog. If you don’t want to see that, and I understand that not everyone can handle it, I suggest you avoid my feed that day. I need it. I need to be vulnerable so I can be stronger.


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