Step away from the interwebs

I haven’t turned my computer on for a week. I didn’t answer any email, except for a few critical ones. I stayed (mostly) away from Facebook and Twitter.
I have to say it’s been the most freeing week I’ve had in a long time. I took time for me, and a few special people I don’t spend enough time with.
I still have a lot to talk about. I want to tell you all about my week in Houston, about my experience meeting Galloway Program Directors from all over the country, and I want to get back to training. I have so many ideas and plans rolling around in my brain that it’s hard to get anything done.

Right now I just want to sit.
And stop worrying.
And breathe.

So tonight I’m going to play games with the kids and run. Then I’ll knit and have a glass of wine.
The interwebs will be still be there tomorrow.