Rain rain, go away!

If you live in Ohio, you’ve likely noticed something crazy is happening with the weather. Many parts of the country have experienced the strangest “winter” this year. And yes, those quotation marks are intentional.

Can you call 67F winter?

Apparently you can in Ohio. Especially when it’s likely to snow again by the end of the week.
I’m all for the elimination of winter all together.

Yes. I know: Global warming is bad. Melting of the polar ice caps will cause devastating global changes. Blah, blah, blah.
The truth is I don’t like the cold one bit. It never was a problem for me when I was younger. I grew up in CT….we had four even seasons, and our fair share of snow. I haven’t lived there in over 12 years now, and my body has grown accustomed to the new places I lived: South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, and now Ohio. But I’ve also developed some other issues, like Reynaud’s Syndrome, which make my hands and feet extra sensitive to the cold. I can’t even think about wearing flip flops to the grocery store without having an attack in the freezer section! It’s ridiculous.
Even more than the cold, my body is affected by the rain. Two days prior, I can tell you, without fail, if it’s going to rain. As much as I like being a human barometer, sensing the change in pressure only means one thing…the pain is on the way. So for the last few days, even though I’m glad it’s not the white stuff, this pain has been tortuous. It’s not just my joints or old injuries flaring up. It’s everything…from the hair follicles on my head to the tips of my toes. Everything.

The only thing that makes the pain unnoticeable is the introduction of a different kind of pain…enter the hill workout from this afternoon.

More on that tomorrow….
And so I ask you…is it summer yet?

Tomorrow’s news: There are no hills in Ohio!

4 thoughts on “Rain rain, go away!

    • The Molehills of Insanity don’t count. I’ll give props to Steel Hill (Hocking Hills), Big Ass Hill (Mohican), and Sugarloaf (Great Seal). Other than that, I can find a bigger hill on my treadmill!

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