Back on Track…literally

It’s been two weeks since Goofy.

It’s time to make some decisions, and focus on what’s next. I’m feeling 100% after taking two “easier” weeks…so much so, that I thought a half marathon on a treadmill was a good idea yesterday.

What was I thinking?

I was thinking I had signed up for a virtual half organized on by Moms Run This Town: the Winter Runnerland 5K/10K/Half.
This was a great idea before I looked at my schedule. I already had one of each of those planned in January, plus a marathon. What’s one more race? I had others tell me to just use my time from the WDW Half Marathon to cover this race, but I don’t work that way. So yesterday was my only choice.

A handful of ENERGYbits, a banana, and 2 bottles of water later…done.

The nice thing about the TM is that your banana is still intact at mile 8!
So now I’m back on track to hit my 125mi this month…and to start training for the Xenia Half Marathon on April 7th. I’m shooting for an ambitious PR at this event. I haven’t “raced” a half since 2009, as I use most of them for training runs or pacing opportunities.
I still have a potential 50k on February 17th, but I’m debating on attempting that distance. I know I can do as little as 10K at that event, and I’ll have to see how the old body is holding up around that time.
And now…the track. It’s time to start adding speed work. And for me that means Yasso 800s. Although I’ve heard people use that phrase with disdain, I actually like them. Maybe it has something to do with the namesake.

Anyway…this week I have 4×800. Woot! Can’t wait.

How’s your training going? Any track workouts planned?

Tomorrow’s news: Rain, rain, go AWAY!

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    • Oh my friend…did you really just embarrass yourself with that kind of grammar? Anyway…either TWHS track, or I know this neighborhood loop without traffic. It’s just over 800m, but I have my watch programmed to measure the distance.

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