The Disney Race Experience

I’ve been asked one question dozens of times in the last week since finishing the Goofy Challenge. And it’s a question I had the answer to at Mile 20 of 39.3…just 7 miles into the marathon.

“Would you do it again?”


I wish I could say there was even a question in my mind, so I’ve been trying to weigh the pros and cons all week. Here it goes.


  • Disney knows how to handle the crowds, and that starts with parking. We didn’t stay on property, so that meant driving to Epcot both mornings…something you might dread with this many people. No issues! We planned ahead, we arrived early, and we parked within minutes of entering the park.
  • Volunteers make dreams come true. Never have I seen a volunteer race crew be so thoughtful and gracious. I typically thank people along any course for helping at aid stations, directing runners, or even cheering. And so many times I heard the response “No. Thank you for running!” It’s giving me chills just writing that.
  • Bananas, sponges, and chocolate? Oh my. Every race should have chocolate at mile 21. Take note race directors!
  • Perfect weather. OK…it was warm steamy ridiculously hot compared to Ohio in January. And thank God for that! I’ll take sweating in the corral before sunrise any day over the 17 degree-winchill we had this morning.
  • The best atmosphere ever. Have you seen my pictures? Check out my Day 1 and Day 2 posts for more on this. The parks are beautiful, clean, and full of characters, flashing lights and music. I especially liked seeing Cinderella’s castle covered in thousands of lights during the half, and then at sunrise during the marathon.  And the a cappella choir near the finish on both days? Perfect. Coming around the corner at Epcot and hearing those voices really pushed me to the finish.
  • There is no pressure to race. You have to start knowing there’s going to be a lot of weaving. If you’re not in Corral A or maybe B, your BQ finish is probably in jeopardy. So just enjoy it. And get used to beeping timers. At least half the field is using run/walk intervals…music to my ears!
  • Smiling. Lots and lots of smiling. Honestly, if you don’t like smiling, go run Death Valley. This won’t be the place for you.
  • Three shirts, three medals, a lifetime of pride. Need I say more?


  • Do I have to come up with cons? OK…just one. The cost. It’s DisneyWorld people. It’s pricey.

So, do you still need my answer? Haven’t you figured it out by now?


2015 is the anniversary of the Goofy Challenge. That means a special Goofy medal.

Sounds like all the motivation I need!


Tomorrow’s news: Rock and Roots Trail Series Race #1 Recap

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  1. Ha! I said yes to someone who asked me that yesterday at MIT and was surprised by it. I loved the experience and now I want to do more Disney races. I can see why people are addicted! Thanks for sharing this experience with me.

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