Orlando or Bust!

What a difference! I woke up this morning in Ohio…still covered in snow and a fresh layer of ice. I almost wiped out at least 5 times during my morning errands.

Then the computers were down at the airport, and I said a little prayer as I handed over my bag with a handwritten “MCO” on the tag. The gate attendant made a not-so-funny joke about flying “Wright Brother’s Style.” Great…

But, I got off the plane to this view! Amazing!

The we headed out for dinner near the fabulous house we’re renting for the week. There weren’t too many choices nearby, but we did find quite the place…


Manny’s Chophouse. It was packed…but we were seated in 10 minutes, and the food came out quickly. They’re known for their hand-cut steaks, which pleased my friends. I stuck to the salad and the awesome rolls. I’ll admit the decor was a little over-stimulating, but that’s likely because of the busy day I’ve had.

We have a dress rehearsal planned for the early morning, and then I’m off to see two of my idols…Jeff Galloway and Bart Yasso. Oh…and the expo at Disney I suppose…

Tomorrow’s news: Expo Madness

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  1. I’m happy to hear you are enjoying the house. You are right, there are not a lot of places to eat around there. I think we ate mostly at the house and when we went out we went to Downtown Disney (expensive). Have a great race! Take lots of pictures.

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